Pat and Lisa

Often, retirement can seem like an ending, but at Abound Financial, we see it as a new beginning. The chance to use your time as your own. That’s how Pat and his wife see their newly retired lives. Before retirement, Pat was working in the IT world, a high-stress environment that demanded a lot of his time. With this type of job, it left little flexibility or time for rest.

Now, after years of working at the same company for many years, Pat and his wife are able to lay aside the stress of work to really focus on what they enjoy in life. Whether that’s coaching with the Special Olympics or taking a day hike around Tahoe area. Retirement is allowing them to spend time doing what they’ve always wanted to do.

“For us, abundant life is all about the freedom to do the things we’ve always wanted to do. If we want to take a day and go to Tahoe or go to a concert, or just enjoy our backyard, we’re now able to do that.

Now we can sit back and enjoy – I’m not stressing over the day-to-day life.”