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We’re real people, with real families, and real financial concerns just like you. We value trust, simplicity, and service. And we’ll work hard to help you cultivate a thriving, vibrant life that allows you to live abundantly – now and in the future.

Meet the Abound Financial Team


David Laut

CEO, Certified Financial Planner™


David Hicks

Certified Financial Planner™


Michael Carroll

Relationship Manager

who we are - Jena Miller

Jena Miller

Client Services Manager

who we are - Samuel Smith

Samuel Smith

Client Services Associate – Granite Bay

who we are - Kristin Waters

Kristin Waters

Client Services Associate – Chico

who we are - Grace Martinelli

Grace Martinelli

Executive Assistant – Granite Bay

who we are - Kaylin Valencia

Kaylin Valencia

Executive Assistant – Chico


In Good Company

Beyond our knowledgeable team, Abound has curated relationships with advisors in related disciplines – such as legal, tax and insurance professionals – to broaden your knowledge resources. For all of the financial, transactional and policy details that drive your path to abundance, Abound is the hub on a wheel that will move you toward your goals.

In addition, we maintain close ties with partners who bring specialized wealth planning and management experience to the table.


The nation’s largest broker dealer* to independent financial advisors, providing an investment and technology platform for more than 16,000 financial advisors in the USA.

*As reported by Financial Planning manazine, June 1996-2021, based on total revenue.

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